Prospective Students

Interested in joining our group? I am always looking for new members. Being a part of a very competitive world and finite resources, I hope you understand that I will not be able to admit all the candidates who apply. My apologies in advance! This rejection should not deter you from trying to be better in whatever you pursue. I wish you all the best in your future endeavor.

Prospective graduate students:

The following three factors are considered:

  • Your grit, love for research, and drive to become better
  • Your prior academic performance, research experience, industry experience (not mandatory)
  • Strong reference letters putting your past performance in appropriate perspective

Please indicate your interest in working with our group, while applying to the department.

Potential undergraduate research experience:

Please take the courses I teach to have the necessary background. This is important for you to have a meaningful research experience. Trust me, I am good at remembering people with whom I would be excited to work.

P.S. Emailing me with your CV typically does not yield a yes/no answer.